What Should I need to learn about DDJ REV-7?

It seems like the second wind is blowing on the electric turntables of digital DJ equipment. e reviews from DJs around the world (see Rane One review here). Almost a year later, Pioneer DJ announced the DDJ-REV7. So let’s see what he has. Features and first impressions of the DDJ-REV7
The DDJ-REV7 is a digger with a 7-inch platter and a 3.5-inch on-jog screen, with some innovations thanks to its versatile screen.

Overall, the head unit follows the Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 mixer and a pair of PLX turntables into battle. In addition to user-friendly features, Pioneer includes a Magvel Pro crossfader for buttery cuts, and tension and curve can be adjusted using the dial on the front of the unit. Moreover, you can easily buy this  DDJ REV-7 – PIONEER DJ REV-7 – PIONEER DDJ REV-7 from most trusted .

The new “Instant Scratch” feature allows you to instantly jump to drawing templates while keeping the deck normally loaded with the current route. It provides another virtual “process” or “them” to dig into without having to tie them together. In regular Pioneer models, the REV7 has a ton of built-in effects, including 22-bit effects (3 of which are new) and 5 color effects. It is accessible using the paddle in the middle (twist to lock or press to return).

So let’s take a closer look at the REV7 and see if it’s reasonably priced, starting with the 7 deck, and comparing it to the competition (RANE One). I was able to spend a few days with the device and see the utensils to be very fluid. However, there are a few design complaints. We will discuss this later in the video. You can set the execution delay time. You can switch between 33 and 45 RPM modes. The top plate is made of acrylic and is covered with fine grooves for easy grip. If you dig into the menu you will find high/low torque settings, but I found high quality settings. Friction can also be slightly improved by adding or removing “slip rings”. There are two sides on each side.

Out of the box, the Pioneer includes a sticker on top of the board that you can use as a symbol to help you keep track of your original designs, but the 3.5-inch jog screen is also particularly nice (and more modern ) .

Virtual Deck mode is the newest and most exciting. As you adjust the temperature, there is a colored ring in the area which functions as an “upgrade” to the next point. This allows DJs to see the visuals without having to pick up the headphones.
instant search. Act as a virtual deck or an extra special “layer” to dig into.
You can turn off the play deck, scratch the top pattern, and return to normal.
There are 4 on-board models that work even when not connected to a laptop. Serato Scratch Bank can provide custom templates.

Serato can perform up to 6 additional actions when using the effect.
There are 4 FX banks (electronic equipment repair).
There are 5 Color FX (also adjustable by power setting).
another key
There are a few other things I want to say here. One is the “cue design” which mutes the deck until you hit the play button or hot cue. This allows busy digging DJs to keep the crossfaders open when displaying patterns or tracks, saving precious milliseconds during the hard work. Finally, there is “Smooth Echo”. Applying this effect to a control option (like a fader or pad) will make noise as soon as you move it or try to control it.

The bottom of the acrylic tray is made of ABS plastic and fixed inside the jogging ring using thin plastic. These can break easily and also allow for slight wiggling which gives some instability.
The “slip rings” (used in place of the loose mat) are thin and seem to wear out quickly. It’s the obvious recommendation to use a screen instead of a pin.
our conclusion
Good tools, good performance (unless any concerns have been mentioned before)
using the home screen (especially Virtual Deck mode);
Overall, it frees up Scratch DJ’s hands with templates and features like Instant Scratch and Silent Cue.
Competitive price (especially for Pioneer).
it’s your turn