Smoking and Other Drugs


It has been recognised since the early days of Psychology that by way of pairing things together, they become associated. The more emotion behind it, the stronger the association. For instance, suppose your mother and father pressure a particular model of car. Each time you notice this car, you suspect of your mother and father. Even though it isn’t your dad and mom and no longer their car; you have the association on your thoughts.

A smoker builds their catalog of rationalizations inside the equal way. Let’s examine a few of them.

To Reduce a Feeling of Anxiety or Nervousness

One of the rationalizations a smoker uses as to why they smoke is that it reduces a feeling of anxiety or anxiousness. In different phrases, they declare it calms them down. Strawberry Mango Frost Mr Freeze  But how can pulling warm, polluted smoke loaded with a stimulant deep into their sensitive lungs lessen tension or anxiety?

The solution is straightforward: It DOESN’T!

If you are a smoker and use this clarification, it’s miles an association out of your WILL POWER suppressing the normal body defense response that lets in you to smoke a cigarette. When you pull the smoke into your machine, YOU are the usage of your MIND to suppress or forestall the normal coughing, choking and burning reaction to the recent polluted smoke from the cigarette entering your sensitive lungs. You are WILLING yourself into a kingdom of calm; calming down the frame defense device.

So in preference to the cigarette calming you down, you’re doing it yourself as a facet-impact so that you can tolerate the cigarette. It’s now not the cigarette, it is the affiliation. YOUR MIND is doing this due to the fact you have commanded it to achieve this. Do you realize you can be calm and at ease without the cigarette? YOU CAN!

The other motives on the list that fall into this category are: to relax when disenchanted or indignant, when feeling restless, as rest, to take a break from work, when feeling depressed, to rejoice something, and to reflect onconsideration on a difficult problem. All those motives, these kind of outcomes, are the end result of you the usage of your MIND to put a major calm for your frame to tolerate the cigarette. You have given the cigarette advantages it did not earn. Benefits as a result of your MIND!

While Having Coffee

Another reason humans supply for smoking has to do with eating or drinking. This again is a regular association that has nothing to do with the results of smoking a cigarette. Doing a pleasant factor makes you sense top; adding a cigarette brings inside the first rate MIND over BODY calm which you have developed and enhances the good feeling. Once once more, it isn’t always the cigarette, this is the mechanism of body suppression that you have evolved. Over time, as opposed to giving your self credit for the consequences, you misdirect the credit score to the cigarette.

Other pleasurable institutions are: When having a drink with friends, after a meal, after sex and whilst consuming beer, wine or liquor. All of these actions make the body sense right from the enjoyable effect of alcohol, the best feeling of satisfying your starvation, or the discharge of sexual success. The cigarette has nothing to do with these things. It is a ordinary body response to success this is improved with the aid of the super calm YOUR MIND imposes over your frame so you can tolerate the cigarette. It is YOU doing this, NOT the cigarette!


Examining objectively the reasons a person gives to continue to smoke is a important part of the process to dismantle the psychological smoking mechanism. Using psychological techniques, someone is capable of identify and have a look at these motives. When they do so, they discover that they are giving the cigarette benefits it failed to earn. With each gain they eliminate, the mental smoking mechanism becomes weaker and the attempt to smoke becomes more.

If you don’t dismantle the mental smoking mechanism, it’s going to continually be there urging you to smoke. This is why it’s so tough to forestall smoking simply by quitting. This is why human beings end and begin smoking again and again. Get rid of the mechanism and you eliminate smoking. It’s a easy psychological fact.