Sink Drain Repair – How to Fix A Leaky Sink Drain Basket

Repairing a leaky drainage basket is more difficult than the repair of plumbing pipes for sinks. Most often, the primary reason for a leaky plumbing is a loose connection to the pipe. This issue can be solved by tightening the nuts that hold the pipes together, or by wrapping plumber’s tape over the connection. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix leaks in the sinkdrain repair Toronto.

  1. The nuts that join the plumbing of the sink to the strainer basket using two slip joint clamps.Additionally, remove the nuts that connect the trap to the pipe that connects to the drain in the house. Take the basket and trap from the plumbing in the sink to get a clearer view.
  2. Take the rubber washer and cardboard washer out of the container by loosening the big bolt that holds the washers.
  3. Utilize a mallet made of rubber or any other non-hard, unassailable tool to take out the plumber’s glue that holds the basket of the sink and the sink.Scrape the remaining residue of putty around the hole in the sink with an putty knife.
  4. After the drain basket flange is removed, make sure to examine it for any signs of rust or other damage.In the majority of cases, leaks result from water getting out of cracks in the plumber’s seal. Should this be the source of the issue, just place the drain basket back to its original position and seal the components correctly using the putty. However in the event that the flange is damaged broken, cracked, or damaged Replace it with a brand new one and repeat the process to set the parts in a proper manner.
  5. 5.To reinforce the connection to the drain pipe make a rope of plumber’s putty under the drain basket’s flange.If you have PVC pipe, this technique will suffice to prevent future leaks. If your sink drain is made of steel pipes, using plumber’s tape placed on the drain’s connections will assist in strengthening the joint.
  6. Put the drain basket back in its correct place.To ensure a safe installation, you could request a member of your family to help you hold the sink while you install the plumbing. Do not forget to place back the rubber washer and cardboard washer that you had removed earlier. If you are using a the new drain basket instead of the damaged one, you should use it with the brand new rubber washer which came with it.
  7. 7.Reinstall all the nuts to their original positions , and ensure that they are properly and securely installed.Before you clean up, be sure there aren’t any leaks in the sink drain basket or the pipe connection.