Reasons to include trendy oversized clothing in the boutique

Incorporating plus size urban clothing  into your boutique offers many benefits to your customers and increases the success of your boutique. Here is something you should know.

Did you know that 67% of women in America wear between 14 and 34 in size, making the extra-large clothing industry a multi-billion dollar market? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collect data on everyone, even women of all ages. They found that the average American woman weighed 5.44 pounds, with a waist circumference of 38.7. This is equivalent to size 14. You wonder why so many retailers don’t cater to large women. If you are considering selling one size dress, here are some other reasons why it is a good idea.

Yes, the above numbers are correct. Sixty-seven percent of women equals 100 million. There are millions of women who are looking for clothes in which they will look and feel beautiful. They wear an elastic waist, one or two color variants and fabrics similar to those we find in clothes for the elderly.

Great women in America are business leaders, business owners and housewives. They are college students, athletes, doctors and serve in our army. If they are not exhausted at work, they want to have fun and live life. They want to do it while wearing the latest fashion. The first and probably most important reason to include trendy plus-size clothing in your boutique is because women want it. There is a great need for that.

Higher fees for large clothing are a daily debate in retail. It doesn’t seem fair, but adding material to clothes can be more expensive. The average increase is about 33.4%. However, women are willing to pay additional costs to look good.

Women are used to paying more, even if it’s not good. Hair salons pay more for women than for men. Underwear, cosmetics, shoes, wallets and many other things are more expensive for women than for men. And women pay more money for products that make them look and feel trendy.

Plus size is profitable. A recent ModCloth study found that 90% of women feel confident wearing beautiful dresses. They also found that 81% of women were willing to pay more for luxury clothes and 88% would buy more fashionable clothes.

The plus-size clothing industry also grew by 4.4% during the year. In 2017, the global market for large women’s clothing was $ 165.2 billion. That’s a billion with B. Add 4.4% every year and you’ll see that this market is huge and gives you the opportunity to achieve higher profit margins. The key is to find the right wholesale supplier that offers the most fashionable large-sized clothing with the biggest discounts.

There are many suppliers of large size clothing that offer quality, fashionable clothing and accessories for large size women. They offer the same great trends at the same great discounts. Most of them offer a 10% discount on orders and 15% or more for creative mismatched purchases. You can buy dresses in large sizes in bulk or in a mini-batch if you want to try the item first in our boutique. And you’re not limited to pants and a top. Wholesalers for above-standard offers

As a business owner, you want to make money. If you do not make a profit, your boutique will not remain open. Also, if you don’t involve customers, you will reduce your revenue. Whether you offer inclusive sizes or expanded sizes for trendy oversized clothing, open your doors to a new customer base.

Providing inclusive measures of everything gives you new marketing strategies. Since 67% of women are larger, you can reach many men for the same price. Because you offer high-quality clothing for older women, you can build loyal followers. Women always return to the boutique, where they are given the clothes they want, the clothes they sit and the clothes they make happy.

Numerous reports point to a lack of access to large-sized clothing in America, especially branded clothing. By engaging in trendy plus-size clothing in your boutique, you have solved this problem for women in your area. Buying extra large clothes online can be a dream full of returns and exchanges that can take weeks. In your boutique, women can try on dresses before shopping.

Older women, like other women, like to get excited when buying clothes. You can give them a place full of big clothes that will make them happy. They don’t have to be afraid to go to Wal-Mart to see the limited supply of boring clothes. They don’t have to go to a premium store where they just feel outcasts.

You know how hard it is for women of all sizes to find fun and quality clothes. Imagine that a woman who has entered your boutique finds the perfect size 18 jeans that will make her feel and feel unique. The smile on his face gives you a sense of reward. The same woman decided to buy several other things of the same brand and size. He will pay for his purchase and leave your boutique optimistic, confident and maybe feel a little sexy. You made his day more pleasant. She will become a loyal customer and invite other large women to support your business. By doing the right thing and giving older women clothing options, you will make sure they feel good, no matter how you feel.

Contact Wholesale Fashion Square today and create a plan for your boutique that will include trendy large size clothing. You can find several other reasons why this is a good idea.