Living in a Condominium of Houses

Return home after an exhausting day of work. Turning on the television, watching a program to forget about everyday problems, and suddenly a noise in the backyard. His heart races, he instinctively seeks to protect his wife and children. You wouldn’t want to go through a situation like this if you haven’t, right?

violence in cities

As we could see, violence in cities reached very high levels, taking the tranquility of many people, thus, we separated for you, some reasons to live in a safer place like LoteJardimBotânico:

• Greater Appreciation of the Property;

• Safety;

• Increased Quality of Life;

• Freedom;

• Community;

• Space for Children.

Thus, living in a private condominium in the capital is more than a luxury, it is basically a future necessity.

Property Appreciation

As an old saying goes “no one goes Lote Jardim Botânico in to lose”. Thus, buying land around the city, where the risk is constant of devaluation with the growing wave of violence, has not become a good deal in recent years.

Therefore, acquiring a safe place to live is interesting both to live and to invest, after all, its annual valuation is much higher compared to land outside the condominium. Another positive factor is that some banks are already financing the purchase of lots.


As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, the concern with security haunts most families, taking the peace and quiet of those who live in most cities.

Thus, the demand for CondomíniosJardimBotânico has increased considerably, prompting construction companies to invest more in this niche

Increased Quality of Life

The bustle of big cities, heavy traffic, work, family affairs, among many other issues, make people’s lives very troubled these days. Therefore, the possibility of arriving home at the end of the day and being able to gather the family by the pool, or simply lying down on a sun lounger to read a book or rest is a privilege that many people would like to have.

These and many other situations that make people’s lives less stressful and much more pleasurable are part of the reality of those who live in a gated community.