How to Select the Right Roofer

A good roof can make or break a residential or commercial building. It needs to be attractive and protect the building’s interior. These are some of the things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a roofing company.

First, look up the company’s address and name. The internet has made it easy for everyone to access their information online. If you are looking for roofing contractors, ensure that they have a physical address. A temporary or PO box may indicate the contractor’s lack of financial stability. This also makes it more difficult for contractors to be located in case of emergencies Roof repair Colorado Springs.

It is important to find out how long the roofing contractor’s been in business. The more stable a roofing business is, the greater its longevity. Although roofing contractors have been in business for five years, they may still be struggling to make the right decisions and not making any mistakes. A roofing company who has been around for a while will have a reputation for being reliable and doing the job correctly.

The insurance needed to protect both the contractor and employees of a professional roofing contractor must be in place. This includes liability insurance and workers’ compens. Request a certificate from the insurance company in order to verify their insurance. Workers’ Compensation is very important as without it, any worker who is injured while on the job can be held liable by the building owner. This covers medical expenses as well as compensation for wage loss.

Good roofing contractors must have insurance. A lot of states consider it illegal to hire a contractor if they do not have a license. If a building owner hires a contractor without a license and they do a poor job, it is most likely that the owner won’t be able to recover the costs.

Always ask for references and referrals before hiring a roofing contractor. Ask for pictures of similar work. Ask for a list containing at least six of the most recent clients. It is not necessary for individuals to call all the customers. However, it does allow them to have a chance to pick randomly. Ask them questions, such as whether they were satisfied with their final job, how the contractor cleaned up afterward, and if the contractor fulfilled all the requirements of the estimate. Also, make sure to ask if they would consider hiring the same roofing contractor again.

You should also consider the company’s track record in resolving customer complaints before selecting a roofing contractor. The Better Business Bureau has information about the number of complaints filed and how they were addressed. It is always better if a roofing contractor is a member. Individuals can also call their state licensing board to check if there have been any complaints against the license, and/or if it had been suspended in the previous.

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