How many types of LED counter lights do you know?

You already know that LED countertops are a better choice for lighting your kitchen than fluorescent lights. But how many types of LED under counter lighting do you know? according to size

The round hockey puck shaped LED bulb is called a puck light. It’s usually a good option for rental units because it doesn’t require a connection. These are rechargeable batteries and can be attached to the bottom shelf. If your kitchen is too big for your puck light, try LED strips. It looks like a fluorescent light, but thinner. This method requires yarn. Even in low light, you can use LED tape that is easy to install and replace. This is the best option for tight spaces.

CCT quality model

It is the level that determines the color and tint of the light. It measures in Kelvin. If your kitchen is made of wood or has warm tiles, choose lighting with CCT between 2700K and 3500K. It will give you a warm voice. If you have a kitchen with glass, stainless steel or other decorative tiles, choose LEDs with CCT measurements of 3500K to 5000K. They will add fresh colors to your kitchen.

color like

This is the simplest classification. LED colors are usually yellow, green, red and blue, usually yellow and blue. The colors depend on the decor of the kitchen.


The price of bulbs varies and many determine the price. Not only the type of LED you want to buy, but also the installation process will add to your investment. For example, LED strips are more expensive than puck lights. The cost of installing a strip is more expensive than a washer or strip.  You can buy best quality LED lights from OPPNO .

LED lights range from 4 watts to 20 watts. If the kitchen is small, you will need a fixture spaced at least 5 mm apart. If you choose high power LEDs, you will need 20 watts for each foot.


There are many types of lenses with different effects. Frost and pure are the two most common uses. If you want a similar kitchen, use LED lights for lighting, which is great for decoration. Choose clear lenses for focus and narrow lighting.

Compared to fluorescent or incandescent lights, LED under counter lighting is a better choice. It saves about 85%-93% energy compared to other types of lighting. It has a very long lifespan and is the best choice when space is limited. But before choosing LED lighting, you have to think about everything. Choosing LED lighting for your kitchen is important because using dim lighting for large kitchens can be inefficient and costly in the long run, and blue spot lighting on wooden kitchens can perform poorly.

The installation process is not very difficult. However, different types of LED lights require different procedures that require drilling small holes in the cabinet. It is always good to entrust it to professionals. Visit our website to learn more about LED under cabinet lighting.