How CNC Stone Cutting Machine Helps

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, one of France’s most famous landmarks, exploded following a fire on Monday, April 16, 2019. During renovations and renovations, a major fire broke out and built an 850-year-old Gothic house, destroying its spire and roof.

The blaze lasted nearly 15 hours, causing extensive damage to the church, but key structures and two steeples were rescued by firefighters.

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, famous for its small size, ancient and architectural interest, is a famous place. People from all over the world come to Paris to admire the beautiful landscapes and iconic architecture of this medieval cathedral.

Reconciliation of the church is difficult, but not impossible. The architecture of Norte Dame is actually made of stone, stained glass and wooden materials. The stone structure of the church can be carved with similar precision and efficiency with a stone carving CNC machine. The time required to cut and cut the stone is greatly reduced.

Beautiful engraving design with the same precision in a fraction of the time compared to manual engraving and cutting. Gothic architecture can be modified with a CNC stone cutting machine.

This advanced CNC machine is used for 3D model engraving, granite cutting, engraving and drilling of marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, soapstone, slate, quartzite, etc. Many kinds of hard materials can be cut and drawn by CNC machine.

Water jet cutters can cut patterns on hard leather/stone. Eye engraving and CNC routing machine design are very good.

Due to the trouble-free operation and high efficiency of this machine, it has been widely used in business, industry and interior decoration in the field.

How does CNC stone cutting help rebuild Norte Dame Church? It is widely used by industry architects for carving, cutting, sign signing and other arts and crafts used in decoration. CNC machines are tested on a variety of means without giving a perfect design.

In order to ensure the performance of the machine, the supplier’s experts strictly test it against various disadvantages of CNC stone engraving.

The design of the Norte Dame Church can be restored with OMNI CNC stone cutters and other CNC machines. Some important architectural features, such as pointed arches, ribbed arches, sculptures, colossal columns, light towers, etc., are made possible through the use of new technologies.