HIV PCR Testing Offers Most Accurate and Sensitive Results

Submitted On July 30, 2010

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Milford Hospital in Massachusetts has been working for over a 12 months on a brand new type of diagnostic take a look at for Lyme disorder the use of DNA sequencing rather than DNA nesting.


We have all heard of the polymerase chain response (PCR) method of Lyme testing that’s considered a “DNA nesting” take a look at method which detects a genomic DNA of the Lyme sickness-inflicting spirochete in the blood.

There are many issues with the PCR test but the most important being (in my opinion) that by the time a person is identified by means of the ELIZA antibody test after which the western blot, a PCR will possibly be bad due to the time it takes for the spirochetes to disseminate into the sufferer’s frame.

If however, this new DNA sequencing test may want to replace the ELIZA check and be administered straight away, we would have a miles better chance of diagnosing Lyme early, treating it early and decreasing the range of ignored instances that grow to be as debilitating chronic cases.

Excitement is growing around this new take a look at for several motives.

First, inside the international of genetic trying out, DNA sequencing is ordinary as the gold preferred for molecular identification while the ELIZA test is considered to overlook as many as 50 – 75% of folks that are infected.

Secondly, at a time in which warfare strains had been absolutely drawn in the medical sands of studies and practice, the workforce and studies crew below Dr Lee, a pathologist at Milford Hospital (Milford, CT), Dr. Jay Walshon, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Milford Hospital, and Dr. Jessie Williams, of the Milford Hospital Walk-in Urgent Care Center are making ready another report to summarize their studies experience.

Perhaps at once more this would no longer be amazing, but to see that these papers are being published can provide us all wish that sooner or later studies will over-run prejudice and provide the medical doctors who’re caught within the crossfire, wanting to treat their sufferers who’re suffering so severely with persistent Lyme – however experience their palms are tied with the aid of the tough and restrictive language of the IDSA.

I trust most of our doctors do care and clearly need to help but experience they’re sponsored up against the wall given the hostility of the present argument.

So we are able to maintain a be careful for the subsequent press launch from Milford Hospital.

Meanwhile, if you or someone you realize believes they may  pcr test at home dubai have shrunk Lyme ailment lately, this new test is being used proper now in Milford.

The physicians at the Milford Hospital Emergency Center and Walk-in Urgent Care Center, who see about 40,000 sufferers a 12 months, commonly order the conventional antibody testing and the brand new DNA take a look at for patients providing with Lyme sickness-like signs and symptoms. Evidently, maximum insurance groups except Aetna can pay for the take a look at.

For greater facts in this DNA take a look at name George Poole, supervisor of Milford Medical Laboratory, at 203-876-4496.

Jenna Smith is a creator and newbie dressage rider who has posted many articles on health and fitness. Struck down with Lyme disease in October 2006, Jenna has devoted her time to assisting others with Lyme sickness and different fitness issues. Jenna’s goal is to assist human beings find out reducing area techniques for recuperation sickness and acquiring most suitable health. Learn more approximately persistent Lyme disorder, and claim your loose ebooks on alternative remedy protocols at: .