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Love is within the Stars – Relationship Astrology part 2 – The Sun and Moon. This is #2 in a series of courting astrology articles.

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The Vedic Sciences, which visit include Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology have long
recognised the connection to our inner and outer environments and the impact and
interrelatedness of each. Central to this interrelatedness is our courting
with other humans, and commonly our companion. Vedic Astrology has been helping
couples relate in empowering approaches for lots of years. The archetypes of
Male and woman are proven in Astrology as the relationship between the Sun
and the Moon.

Man and Woman – Sun and Moon

In Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, the Sun and Moon are defined. Masculine strength is related to the Sun. Feminine energy is associated with the Moon

Description of Surya. (The Sun) Surya’s eyes are honey-colored. He has a square
frame. He is of clean behavior, bilious, shrewd and has restrained hair (on his head).

Description of Chandra (The Moon) Chandra is windy and phlegmatic. She is
discovered and has a round body. She has auspicious appears and candy speech, is
fickle-minded and very lustful.

Attributes of the Sun and Moon (Man and Woman) are in comparison:

* Body: The man has a rectangular frame; the female has a round frame.
* Process: The guy is packed with intelligence; the lady is packed with understanding.
* Looks: Sun, The man has honey colored eyes; the lady has auspicious looks.
* Constitution: The man is bilious (fiery); the girl is watery and windy.
* Psychology: The man is steady; the lady is fickle minded

Let’s explore those characteristics:

The Moon is the most changeable of all the planets. It is the fastest transferring; it is one of a kind regular. The spherical body of the Moon suggests the woman’s changeability and creativity. She is susceptible to rolling right here and there, relying on which way the wind is blowing or different environmental situations. Yet this changeability additionally makes her creative and adaptable, which helps the person not live so fixed to be able to come to be rigid. His square frame suggests the consistency of his moves. A square is a shape of help upon which other gadgets can be located. This permits for vertical growth.

The intelligence of the man is of the mind. The understanding of the woman is of the coronary heart. Intelligence comes from a rational perspective then actions forward. Knowing comes from an emotional location and commonly reflects backward. This is why ladies generally tend to depend upon reminiscences. Men generally tend to want to move ahead, looking for answers, that are of the future. There desires to be balance and a sharing of each attributes, a considerate attention of the past blended with an intelligent route of action for the destiny.

The woman’s auspicious looks, draws the man’s honey colored eyes. Women want the person’s attention and prefer attracting it. Men like to study women. A courting works high-quality when the girl feels the man’s enchantment to her and the man desires to deliver to her. The lady’s candy speech and knowing attracts and helps the man’s intelligence.

The guy has a fiery charter, that’s associated with competition, passion and digestion. The nature of fireplace is independent. It has the potential to illuminate, purify and offer warm temperature. The nature of water is connective. It has capability to sensitize, nourish and heal. Yet hearth also can cause anger and immoderate choice. Water can also cause immoderate emotion, drowning in a flood of dependency.

She is fickle minded. The square frame of the man reassures her. A square is stable and no longer so effortlessly moved, hence when she is rolling round she would like to knock into a stable surface.

Relationship Astrology Attributes

These are vital truths, stripped of artifice and modern political correctness. Of route absolutely everyone have both features of the Sun and Moon inside them. But in relationships, the female wants to surrender her Moon to the man’s Sun and he wants to provide his Sun to her Moon. She surrenders her coronary heart to him and he surrenders his energy to her – or NOT.

Each gender in the end seeks to assimilate attributes of each male and female; but till our important gender power is validated inside the partnership, we will not be capable of relax and evolve toward our contrary. We all want to merge with that contrary electricity, to assimilate the characteristics inspired by way of our opposite and to encourage assimilation in them. We all need to be loose and unburdened of the duties of the restricting features of our gender, however this unburdening need to come from a role of power, now not confusion.